Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A New Trend? I Think So.

At the beginning of this year I predicted the return of 'jellybean' shoes when I bought these babies.

This is now a trend which is taking the fashion world by storm; with everyone jumping on the shiny, rubbery band wagon, from bold block colours to the clear glittery classics all of us 90's kids remember.

Shiny, clunky materials such as plastic and PVC
are bang on trend at the moment, whether it be shoes, panels on clothes, or bags. And if done right, it can be a super chic and stylish look. (Perfect example below)

So after predicting the rise of the jellybeans, I think I may have cottoned on to another winner with my latest purchase.

In keeping with the PVC trend, which I am loving might I add, I treated myself to a new satchel with an awesome, edgy, slightly daring(?) twist.

Clear bags have begun to crop up here and there around some of my favourite websites; clutches and backpacks with sheer, black plastic windows especially. However I've yet to see any bags made from completely clear PVC.

I hated the idea of see-through bags, 'why would I want everyone to see my crumpled up receipts, loose change and week-old mints that have fallen to the bottom of my bag?' I thought they were a completely un-wearable look; couture and editorial only. However, my mind was swiftly changed when I began to envision different outfits and looks I could achieve with something as 'love it or hate it' as a transparent bag.

I searched everywhere (be warned, searching 'clear plastic bag' comes up with a lot of food storage options, not the look I was going for) and I finally found a bag in the style of the classic Cambridge Satchel; completely clear PVC with black clasps and a black strap.

I love it. Of course I have to be a lot more careful about what I'm throwing in there now, but as an accessory itself, it's so cute and different and eye catching. Whether you love it or hate it, you've noticed it and you're talking about it and I honestly think that clear bags are due to be the next big craze.


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