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My Top 9 Albums /because I missed one out by accident.

9 ➳ The Feeling - Twelve Stops and Home (2006)

I was 12, going on 13 when this album came out. I didn't have an iPod, I literally had the entire album saved on my Sony Ericsson Phone (one of the main signs you attended high school in the 00's) and I listened to it non stop. Ten years later, I still know every word to every song, as well as the order they play on the album. To me, it's the ultimate British indie sound with the perfect blend between light hearted, 'boppy' songs and heartfelt, feel-inducing ones. Unfortunately for The Feeling, I think they peaked with this album as I never enjoyed their other music as much as this. This album is incredible from start to finish. 

My Favourite Songs on the album: 'Sewn', 'Strange', 'Same Old Stuff'.

You will like this album if you like: The Hoosiers, The Zutons, Scouting For Girls, Razorlight.

8 ➳ The Maccabees - Colour It In (2007)

This album makes me nostalgic about being a teenager in college; back when I was super indie and lived in my brogues, had vintage tweed and lace everything and a fringe fuller than my future. Nowadays, I find this album super calming and uplifting whenever I feel a wave of anxiety come over me. That has a lot to do with the really chilled, vintage vibe which runs through all of the songs, as well as the happy, not-too-serious lyrics. I'm guessing almost everyone has heard Toothpaste Kisses, so this album is probably pretty well known. 

My favourite songs on the album: 'First Love', 'Lego', 'Just Like the Rain' and 'The Real Thing'.

You will like this album if you like: Bombay Bicycle Club, The Courteeners, Two Door Cinema Club, Foals.

7 ➳ Mumford and Sons - Sigh No More (2009)

This album reminds me of rainy days on buses and trains. I fell in love with Mumford and Sons during a really dark and difficult period of my life. So now, I find even the 'sadder' sounding songs on the album uplifting. Listening to any song on this album feels like a huge intake of fresh, clean breath; it cleanses your soul and leaves you feeling inspired. 

My favourite songs on the album: 'Thistle and Weeds', 'Roll Away Your Stone', 'I Gave You All', 'Dust Bowl Dance'. 

You will like this album if you like: Noah and the Whale, Jake Bugg, Florence and the Machine, Ben Howard, Bon Iver.

6 ➳ Lana Del Rey - Born to Die (2012)

I came across this album just under a year after it was released and was blown away by Lana's unique and eerie sounding music. Like every other album on this list, I know every word to every song and I listened to it on repeat almost every day for a very long time. I'd start it at track one just as I left my house for college in the morning and by the time I got there I'd have listened to it twice over. The entire album gives me nostalgia about my final year of college. That final year was a time when my anxiety on public transport was so bad that I would get my first bus and stay on it about 8 stops past my stop, all the way into Liverpool town and wait in the freezing cold just so I could get on the second bus while it was still empty. Those freezing cold but super bright and crisp mornings were always accompanied by this album.

My favourite songs on the album: 'Summertime Sadness', 'Radio', 'This is What Makes us Girls', 'National Anthem', 'Off to the Races'.

You will like this album if you like: I don't even know! Her sound is so unique.

5 ➳ Agent Fresco - Destrier (2015)

There are no words for this album. Stunning. Just, utter perfection. I'm a relatively new fan of Agent Fresco, falling in love with them a few months before the release of Destrier, but I've fallen hard. The  vocalist Arnór has the most beautiful voice ever and his writing is something to be admired, not just by songwriters, but poets and storytellers too. I am obsessed with this album and the second I heard it, it was an instant favourite. The songs are intense and atmospheric and the stories/messages they convey literally leave you breathless. (I also have to shout out the song 'Implosions' from their previous album as it is one of my all time favourite songs)

My favourite songs on the album: 'Dark Water', 'See Hell', 'Let Fall the Curtain', 'Bemoan', 'Howls'.

You will like this album if you like: Again, I don't know! They're so unique. However, if you listen to this and like it, check out Ólafur Arnalds too.

4 ➳ Civil Twilight - Civil Twilight (2010)

This album got me through some dark shit. Without this album I don't know if I'd still be here today. Bold statement to make about a disc of music, I know, but anyone who knows me will tell you how goddamn important music is to me. This album contains my all time favourite song, 'Letters From the Sky', as well as so many other under-appreciated little gems. It's an awesome album, 6 years old now but still never gets old for me. 

My favourite songs from the album: 'Letters From the Sky' (obviously), 'Trouble', 'Quiet in my Town',  'Soldier'. 

You will like this album if you like: Cold War Kids, Paper Route, Arcade Fire.

4 ➳ Architects - Lost Forever // Lost Together (2014)

Fucckkkfckgggkging unreal. I don't know how they did it, but Architects literally managed to create the perfect album. From the lyrics, to the music, to the production, everything is on point slaying my life. I just live for this album. There is not one thing I would change, not one song I would remove or replace; it is genius. Clearly as you can tell from my list, my tastes have gotten a lot heavier as I've gotten older. 

My favourite songs on the album: Literally every single song, but I do have a special spot for 'Youth is Wasted on the Young'.

You will like this album if you like: Being a person with any sort of sense.

3 ➳ Bring Me the Horizon - Sempiternal (2013)

I'm going to start sounding really repetitive now, but this is another one where every. single. song. is. perfect. This album was the turning point for BMTH where, in my opinion, they grew up and started creating the interesting, different music that was true to them as they moved forward in their music career. It's so intense and powerful, it leaves you in a really epic mood after listening to it. I'm obsessed. 

My favourite songs from the album: 'Hospital for Souls', 'Shadow Moses', 'Sleepwalking', 'And the Snake Starts to Sing' (Also, the bonus track 'Deathbeds' is amazing).

You will like this album if you like: The Devil Wears Prada, A Day to Remember, Architects, Enter Shikari.

2 ➳ TesseracT - Altered State (2013)

TesseracT are incredible. Their music is so interesting and captivating and in my opinion, they reached a whole new level of stunning with this album. You know the score; every word, every song, blah blah blah. But it's true! I love Dan as a singer and I'm glad he's back, but Ashe, the vocalist who wrote and recorded Altered State with them, I seriously think he's an angel who was sent to bless the world with this absolute work of art. That's what this album is to me, it's not just a collection of tracks, it is art; the songs flow into one another, the album is set out in movements so you really feel a progression from the beginning to the end. It's amazing. 

My favourite songs from the album: The entire 'Of Mind' movement, 'Exile' and 'Palingenesis'.

You will like this album if you like: Periphery, Textures, Monuments, Benea Reach. 

1 ➳ Enter Shikari - A Flash Flood of Colour (2012)

Enter Shikari are my favourite band. No questions asked, they are my all time favourite band. I've loved them since Take to the Skies and they just keep getting stronger. I knew one of their albums would be in this number one spot, it was just a lot harder to choose which one. Reluctantly, I stuck to my own rules and only chose the one, which is A Flash Flood of Colour. There are so many incredible songs on this album, they feel more like experiences than songs. And what these guys stand for in their lyrics makes them even better. Flash Flood has moments of fun, carelessness, anger, sadness and hope, it evokes thought while still being some of the best music out there. 

My favourite songs on the album: 'Stalemate', 'Ghandi, Mate, Ghandi', 'Constellations'.

You will like this album if you like: Anything with a metal/electronic mix.

*Also, I have to mention their other albums which I love equally as much: Take to the Skies, Common Dreads and The Mindsweep.*

This was so hard! But if I hadn't limited myself to ten (9 lol oops), this post would have been longer than anything you've ever seen.

So, do we share tastes? Or are they completely different? Let me know.

Leigh xo


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  1. The Maccabees and Mumford and Sons are two of my favourite bands everrr, their both unreal live too! I really like your blog, let me know if you would like to follow each other!

    1. Yes they're amazing! And thank you, I'm happy to follow each other :)


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