Monday, 6 January 2014


Well the new year is officially upon us now, and what a year it's looking like its going to be! I'm not one for resolutions, and that's for the simple fact that I cannot keep them. But there's a lot I'm looking forward to this year and a lot I'm actually quite sad to see the back of. Which is very unusual for me.
I'm not going to start claiming that 2014 will bring about a new me. Because it won't. Let's face it, I'm going to be the exact same person I was last year, the only difference is that I'll be 21 by the end of this one. Scary!
I entered 2013 a very sad person; 2012 had been a really rough year, but it was also the year I finally began to let myself heal. By the time new year came around I was still very unhappy, and let me tell you, I was the last person to ever believe things could get better!

But they did.

On the 7th of January to be exact, Danielle and I went into town after handing in our uni assignments so I could get the other side of my nose pierced.

Which I did

As we walked around to the tattoo shop, we ran into two familiar faces: Declan and Kerry. We'd never spoken to either of them before, but we'd seen them around university, so instinctively we stopped and said hi. From this first meeting, we all began going drinking together almost immediately. Which slowly began to take up 3 or 4 nights out of our weeks, goodbye student loan, hello hungover in lectures :'( It was the most sociable I'd been in a long time and brought in the year on a really positive note.

Half of me, half of Kerry, all of Danielle.

Jazz got so drunk she fell asleep in a club

Love for this girl xxxxxx

Then at the beginning of February, Declan and I became an item. Cringeeeeee. But yes, After less than a month of knowing each other, I took the plunge and said yes to being Irish's girlfriend. I'd spent a very long time hung up on people who really did not deserve the attention, (maybe I'll write a blog post on that, I don't know) so finding myself liking someone who was actually worth it was... a good kind of strange. From that point onward my year got better and better. Trips away, family weddings, new babies, gigs, lots of parties, passing my first year of uni, finally getting a job and of course moving out, even if that one did only last a few months.

Having a good year has really made me look forward to what 2014 will bring. I have big plans; doing well in uni, going on more trips, celebrating a year together with Irish, going to more gigs, getting more tattoos, and hopefully actually moving out this time! This blog has become very lifestyle-ish which I never planned on. But I will definitely be writing about everything this year, hopefully I haven't jinxed myself by expecting good things!

Leigh xo


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