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First Time Mum Checklist | Hospital Bag

When you're about to have your first baby, you have no idea what to expect. It doesn't matter how old you are, how many babies you've been around or how many people give you advice (and trust me, whether you ask for it or not, the advice will come); it is 100% different when it's your own baby.

In my experience, there were two extremes. I had either underprepared, with no 'emergency' formula, certain baby toiletries, and not enough sanitary towels. Or I over prepared, which I definitely did with my hospital bag.

Here's a checklist of essentials to pack for that first day or two in hospital with your new little bub. I've even categorised and subcategorised because that's the type of annoying ass person I am.

For You:

Labour - Clothes

 ➳ Comfortable pyjama bottoms/shorts
 ➳ Comfortable t shirts (bring several as labour and/or waiting around can last a life time) // or alternatively you can bring a couple of night dresses
 ➳ Comfortable undies and bra (preferable non-wired like a sports bra or nursing bra)
 ➳ Socks or slippers
 ➳ A dressing gown

Labour - Toiletries 

 ➳ Wipes
 Face cream/moisturiser
 ➳ Lip Balm (my lips were cracked and red raw after my labour)
 ➳ Toothbrush + paste
 ➳ Hair brush + hair ties

Labour - Time Killers and Life Savers

 ➳ Phone charger
 ➳ Earphones
 ➳ Hand sanitiser
 ➳ Tablet/Kindle/Book/Magazines/iPod (As I said, it can last a lifetime)
 ➳ Some money for the tv, vending machines, cafe etc.
 ➳ A camera for those first moments and the days after

After Birth - Clothes

 ➳ Comfortable tops and bottoms which are easy to get on and off
 ➳ Big undies
 ➳ An easy, comfy outfit for leaving the hospital

After Birth - Toiletries

These are pretty much the same as labour toiletries, with the addition of:

 ➳ Lots of big, super absorbant sanitary towels
 ➳ Travel-sized gentle shower gel + shampoo/conditioner
 ➳ Small makeup bag with essentials (putting on a little makeup made me feel so much better when leaving the hospital)

For Baby:


 ➳ A handful of vests, preferably a few different sizes (with varied sleeve length)
 ➳ One or two baby grows, again in varied sizes
 ➳ Hand mits (they start to scratch the hell out of their faces as soon as they're born)
 ➳ A soft, slightly loose hat
 ➳ A 'going home' outfit
 ➳ A blanket


 ➳ Some first size nappies (unless you know/think you will need small or tiny baby sizes)
 ➳ Pack of wipes (you may be told not to use these on your baby, but it's perfectly safe/fine. And trust me, that first poo, god you will need them)
 ➳ A dummie/pacifier if you're choosing to use one. Again, they will tell you not to but fuck them, it's YOUR baby and it's actually good for babies to suck on dummies while sleeping. It helps regulate their breathing etc.

Of course, I'm not saying that this list is absolutely right for everyone. We are all different and have different needs and circumstances. However, I know that in the months leading up to going into hospital, I had no idea where to start, and even after packing I felt like I was missing something. Equally, I hope this list helps any over-packers out there who are thinking of putting everything in that bag from medicines to nappy creams, gripe water and boxes of formula. You'll be surprised how little you actually need and how short the stay in hospital actually is these days.

If you're expecting then congratulations, good luck and I hope this helps. 

Leigh. xo


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