Saturday, 27 July 2013

Hi everyone!

My name's Leigh Rebecca and I'm a soon-to-be 20 year old, Creative Writing student from Liverpool :)

So I thought I'd make this first post a bit of a 'get to know me' one as I know I'm not a super famous blogger or well know YouTuber and 99% of the people who stumble upon this blog will have absolutely no clue who I am! So I'll start with the basics, I guess. Sorry if I ramble...

I live in Liverpool with my boyfriend and am a proud Liverpudlian with serious wanderlust. I hope to travel the world some day doing something I love. I'm a tattooed and pierced girl (who refuses to accept any discrimination or ignorance towards people who choose to modify their bodies in this way). I love to draw and design as well as sing and play guitar. Proper creative one, aren't I.

I'm currently studying at university for a degree in Creative Writing. It's funny, I always wonder what people think when I tell them that; 'oh she writes stories for 3 years and gets a diploma at the end of it.' I guess it's probably something like that. But it is hard work and tends to take up a lot of my time; when I'm not writing for uni, I'm writing for pleasure. Deciding to go to university was probably one of the best decisions of my life; it's opened my eyes to what I want from the future, it's improved my talents as a writer and it's also where I met my other half, Declan, who you'll probably see me refer to as 'Irish' quite a lot (I promise I'm not bad with choosing nicknames, he is actually Irish).

I love exploring and experimenting with fashion and beauty; pushing the boundaries and predicting where it will go next. I dress how I want and am the first to admit that my personal style is extremely hit and miss. So I know this blog won't be for everyone, and I know some posts people will look at and think I'm absolutely crazy! In saying this, I do also have my down days; I'm not that girl who contrives a different outfit for every day, or does her hair and makeup perfectly all the time. I'm a busy girl who's partial to a hoodie and a topknot every now and again.

So this blog is just a place for me to combine two loves of mine: fashion and writing. I'm no expert but I'm just giving it a go. So if you've managed to get through this little introduction without falling asleep, thank you for reading, and however you have managed to stumble upon my blog; thank you and I hope to see you again :-)

Leigh xo


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