Thursday, 26 November 2015

Movie Star?

I must admit, that's a super misleading title. But I didn't know what else I could call this post. I've been thinking a lot lately about starting a YouTube channel. There's so many video ideas in my head and things I want to put on this blog that would be way better suited to a video rather than in writing. But choosing to start uploading videos is a big decision nowadays, what with this new YouTube celebrity culture.

I don't want to start making videos because I want to be super famous or anything, because I know that nobody would watch me, let alone subscribe. It's more for the aesthetic of my blog; to make certain posts a little more interesting and to make it easier for me to show and explain things. But starting a YouTube channel and receiving absolutely no views, comments etc is something super embarrassing these days, I just don't know if I can face people thinking I've started YouTube to be famous and completely failed.

I know that virtually nobody reads this blog so maybe it wouldn't matter.

Leigh xo


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