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So I've had this post on the backburner for months now, so much so that it's probably not even relevant anymore! I mean, writing about Declan and I reaching our one year anniversary when we're now closer to our second is a little stupid (very bad blogging, Leigh, shame on you). But it's a post I was really putting a lot of effort into and it seems a shame not to share it.

Basically, as a little celebration for us making a year, Irish organised a surprise trip away to his home city of Belfast. I was so excited to see the place he was born and where he grew up. And also to have a break away just the two of us. We went by plane which was perfect for me as I love flying, however he spent the whole thirty minute flight having a minor heart attack which I attempted to catch on camera. Instead I just caught my stunning double chin (and freshly pink hair).

When we arrived in Ireland at around seven in the evening, it was dark, cold and wet; everything I'd originally expected and looked forward to. The taxi ride to the city center was eventful -our driver slowed right down to tell another driver that she'd left her handbag dangling off her back window wiper as she sped down the slip road.

City Hall is absolutely lovely; all lit up with steel white lights. I failed to get a picture for fear of getting my phone damaged in the rain, so I'll add one in from the internet here

And as Declan led me through the city, we were shocked to find our hotel so fast; literally two or three minutes from City Hall. We stayed in the Fitzwilliam Hotel and it was the single most beautiful hotel I've stayed in for a really long time. It had lovely staff and a gorgeous, cosy lobby, a fab bar and incredibly delicious cocktails


Left: Pinacolada  Right: Grasshopper

And most of all, an amazing king sized room...

I'm so upset I forgot to get pictures of the bathroom because that really was to die for!

We loved the hotel so much that we've decided to go back in January for a whole week. If you're ever travelling over to Belfast, I highly, HIGHLY recommend this place.

For the few days we were there, we wandered around the city centre, treated ourselves to some amazing lunches and did a hell of a lot of retail therapy. I became so sucked in by the place that my photograph-taking became less and less as the trip went on. However, I did get a few snaps of some of the highlights.

I was boring him.

An amazing warm goats cheese salad with red onion chutney

The beautiful handmade journal Declan bought me from the city market.

One of my favourite moments of the trip was when we walked along the waterfront on one of the windiest, iciest, most freezing nights I'd ever experienced, eating ice cream. Ice cream, of all things?

But honestly, the entire city was stunning and I felt so privileged that Irish took me over there to share a little bit more of himself with me.  

Leigh xo


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