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Ten Autumn Favourites

I am definitely an autumn/winter person. I adore the early darkness and the freezing cold, and there’s just something about autumn that I've absolutely fallen in love with in the past couple of years. The romantic dreariness that comes with travelling on trains in the gloomy rain, the freezing cold but crisp and bright mornings, the maroons and dark greens and falling leaves, and my birthday, Halloween, bonfire night… I could go on forever.
So here’s ten things that remind me of this lovely season and that truly bring it to life for me:
10. My khaki green parka – I’ve had this coat for going on 3 years I think; it’s old and ruined but I cannot part with it. There’s something about this coat that makes me think of this time of year, whether it’s the colour or the memories I have wearing it, I don’t know.

the evolution of the parka

 9. Inhibition lipstick from Topshop – Like my coat, I’ve had this lipstick for a long while (perhaps too long for a lipstick, ew), it’s a blackcurrant colour with a slight fruity scent too and I love it. Like every beauty guru on the planet, we all know autumn brings out these lip colours in everyone’s collection.

8. Tartan – I am loving this trend at the moment. Especially when it’s in bright red or dark green. Tartan has never stood out as something I wanted to wear before, but as soon as autumn began to creep in, so did all the tartan. And now whenever I see it, I feel all cosy and autumnal inside.

7. Hot cider – Now I am 20, so I can be partial to a tipple every so often (very often actually baha). I love heating up cider at this time of year, it’s so sweet and spicy and it makes my cheeks go really rosy!

picture from

6. Cinders bath bomb from Lush - These were limited edition for Halloween and Christmas last year, they're spicy yet sweet and have popping candy on top to resemble the crackle of a fire. I was addicted to these last year and was devastated when I couldn't get them anymore. But now they're back and I'm stocking up!

picture from

5. Full Moon by The Black Ghosts – this song gives me those nostalgic little tummy flips you get, y’know when something reminds you of specific time in your life? I listened to this song nonstop for the first few months of uni last year, and as soon as the first word is sung, it takes me back. 
4. Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation - Like Full Moon, this song reminds me of heavy rain and cold mornings waiting for the train. It's dreary-sounding but in a gorgeous, mystical sort of way. These songs are Autumn/Winter all over for me.

3. Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden - Everyone has that scent that people associate with them. This is one of mine. Whenever friends and family smell this, they automatically think of me. I stopped wearing it for a while and started again at the beginning of university last year. It's light and clean smelling, like falling leaves and cold mornings :)

picture from google

2. Bad weather - For me, wind, rain and dull skies = perfect weather! And we certainly get plenty of this around this time of year. Here's a picture from a spontaneous little road trip I took with Kristen, I think it sums everything up perfectly. 

1. Burts Bees lip balm in honey – The smell of this stuff just screams ‘autumn’ to me. I bought one around this time last year and wore it literally every day until at least February. Even just a whiff of it now reminds me of my first few months of university; train journeys, heavy rain and dull, grey skies. My stomach does little flips when I put it on now (in a good way).

my very well-loved lip balm

We all have those special things we love to rediscover at certain parts of the year, what are yours? And what’s your favourite season? :)
Leigh xo


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